Full Catalogs

The purpose of this page is to provide links to most of our furniture vendor’s entire catalogs.  Most of these items would have to be ordered, and (aside from Coaster and Homelegance) would likely take months for us to obtain.

If you’d like to see items that we’re focused on keeping in stock in our own warehouse, or have quicker access to, check out our “store” page here:


Pacific Paladin furniture is built in Indonesia, from plantation-grown, kiln-dried, white mahogany.  We order whole shipping containers several times a year and store it in our own warehouse, to cut out about half of the costs, as compared to similar product lines you’ll find in the area.  Due to the nature of orders, an item you want could take 4 to 6 months to come in, but they have a great catalog, with many different stain and paint options to customize any of their pieces with.

Pacific Paladin’s Website:  PacificPaladin.com

Rustic Imports recently opened a warehouse north of Atlanta, which we hit a couple times a month, to make it easier and faster for us to pull from their most popular pieces.

Order Time: Most popular items are in stock, ready for us to pick up within a couple of weeks.  Items not stocked take about 8 – 10 weeks to come in.  Sorry that Rustic Import’s catalog isn’t available to the public.  We’re working on hosting the catalog on our website directly.

If you’d like to see the local catalog, and don’t mind the “under construction” nature of missing info and prices, you can check that out here:



Coaster has a highly-diversified catalog, carrying carry quality furniture of all shapes, sizes and colors, for every room.  Some of their strong points are industrial/modern pieces and bedroom furniture. Coaster has the biggest variety and lowest prices we can offer, at about 20% below retail.

Order Time: A few days, to a couple of weeks (unless they are out of stock, then a few weeks).

Coaster Furniture’s Website:  CoasterFurniture.com 

Homelegance (Home + Elegance, sharing the “e”) is a vendor very similar to Coaster, with a slightly more pristine selection, for a slightly higher price.  Most of the surfaces and structural wood of this vendors product is real, solid wood, with some veneers and composite materials on some of their lower end pieces.  We price Homelegance’s items at about 20% below retail.

Order Time: A few days, to a couple of weeks (unless they are out of stock).

Homelegance’s Website:    HomElegance.com